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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Reaping

I don't want to waste my time reviewing this movie. There is very little originality. She has sex with the cult member and doesn't remember and is not bearing the anti-christ. Hmmm ... sounds familiar ... Rosemary's Baby.

I've been a huge Hillary Swank fan since she did Boy's Don't Cry but there were times in this movie when she was slurring her words as if she was recovering from a stroke. At other times she spoke fine.

I thought the CGI locust were pretty cool. I'd like to know how they made a river turn red. Was that some kind of filter or did they actually die the river red?

The only reason I went to see this movie is because Kelly wanted to see it. I think her favorite genre is movies where people are attacked by nature in some way whether it be animals, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. This also had a biblical theme so that was interesting for her as well but boring for me.

The movie was OK. I thought the special effects were good. I hate the false scares though. Kelly was obviously more scared then me but I was honestly scared at some points. I would have preferred to see Sunshine but sometimes you have to see movies because your significant other wants to see them.


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