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Sunday, April 22, 2007


This is a made for TV German movie dubbed in English with Chinese and Malaysian sub-titles watched in Malaysia so it had about 5 major scenes cut out of it.

Here is the description on Yahoo movies.

Berlin is struck by an unusual series of storms and hail stones. In the middle of this unusual phenomenon is a meteorologist named John who has recently returned from studying tornadoes in Oklahoma, in the United States. He returns home to find his ex-girlfriend, a doctor named Eva, going out with his best friend, Bruno, also a meteorologist. Bruno has taken his place as his father's assistant. John has a knack for weather prediction and he learns that a tornado is about to hit Berlin.Together with Eva, he must convince his father to sound the warning for the people of Berlin to stay clear of the path of the oncoming tornado.

Kelly fell asleep which is common when there's a lot of talking (she's deaf) and I almost fell asleep since it was really boring at times.

The scenes where people are getting chased by tornadoes are quite ridiculous. The characters in this movie really should go to jail for their negligence of not warning Berlin. They used hail a lot but it was obviously just grinded up ice. I know what hail looks like. It's round but the pieces of hail in this movie were all irregular shapes like a large block of ice had passed thru a grinder.

People started getting up and leaving a few minutes before the movie ended.

And the worst thing was that who ever mixed the sound tracks made the special effects WAY TOO LOUD so I couldn't hear what people were saying.

Kelly usually likes these crappy B movies but even she thought it was boring and stupid.


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