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Thursday, January 06, 2011

My Favorite Movies of 2010

I did an advanced search on imdb for movies released in 2010 and discovered there are 7,503 of them! I looked through the first 1000 and made this list of movies I've seen and movies I would like to see. The two lists are ordered from favorite to least favorite.

I saw 35 movies which were released in 2010. I actually saw more movies via NetFlix but this list is just about the 2010 movies.

  1. Inception - one of the best movies in the past decade
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - entertaining from start to finish
  3. Eclipse - yes, I'm a huge Twilight fan. I admit it.
  4. Kick-Ass - I'm a sucker for super hero movies, especially about ordinary people. The foul-mouthed 12-year old girl who could take-out a room of thugs, was also cool to watch.
  5. The King's Speech - we can all relate to stage fright. Overcoming it may take years of hard mental and physical work. Based on true events. Great movie.
  6. Black Swan - The pressures of work can really get to us sometimes and in this case, drive us crazy. Seeking perfection is an unrealistic goal.
  7. The Fighter - you can probably relate to trying, succeeding then later failing, then trying harder and succeeding again. Boxing is a really tough profession.
  8. The Karate Kid - I was not a fan of the original but loved the remake
  9. Hot Tub Time Machine - I dropped in on the movies with nothing in mind to see and spotted this movie I never heard about. I loved the idea of going back to the 70s to right the wrongs.
  10. Let Me In - I saw the Swedish original Let The Right One In and it really left an impression on me. The American remake was really true to the original movie. I was thoroughly impressed.
  11. 127 Hours -My adventures could have put me in similar situations where I would be forced to do something extreme to survive. This movie really made wonder what I would do in this situation.
  12. Eat Pray Love - I loved this movie about seeking the meaning of life.
  13. The Book of Eli - Gritty post-apocalyptic movie about one man's goal to preserve the King James Version of the bible owning the last copy in existence.
  14. True Grit - I never saw the original but this movie hooked me from start to finish.
  15. The Other Guys - Very funny movie that pokes fun at police action movies.
  16. Get Him to the Greek - likable characters put in very funny situations. The rock star also learns something in the end.
  17. Secretariat - based on the true story of the greatest race horse ever. I love racing movies.
  18. Due Date - Funny road trip movie that goes way over the edge.
  19. Date Night - Mistaken identity, crazy chases ... very funny.
  20. Skyline - Great special effects and exciting story about alien invasion. I can't wait for the sequel! It felt like the movie was just starting when it ended.
  21. The Social Network -Fascinating movie about how brains, luck and talent played a part in making some people very rich.
  22. Iron Man 2 - Not as good as the first movie but still very entertaining. I look forward to the sequels as well as expanding Marvel comics movies yet to come out.
  23. The Crazies -yet another survivor movie during a zombie break-out. I do love the zombie movies for some reason.
  24. Gulliver's Travels -great special effects and funny remake of the old classic story.
  25. It's Kind of a Funny Story -funny and touching story about mental illness
  26. Diary of a Wimpy Kid -I can relate to being a wimpy kid in school struggling with bullies and popular kids.
  27. Grown Ups -I can relate to being a kid in an adults body.
  28. Devil -From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan. This was his best movie in a long time.
  29. Love and Other Drugs -
  30. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 -Yes, I enjoy the Harry Potter movies. I have not read the books. Part 1 was kind of boring at times but I understand it's just the setup for the real ending.
  31. Tron: Legacy -I loved the original and the remake was pretty good too.
  32. Frozen -scary because it can happen to you. It really makes me wonder what I would do.
  33. Alice in Wonderland -you either love or hate this movie. I hated it.
  34. Megamind -Some good parts but for the most part, I was bored surprisingly.
  35. Alpha and Omega -Cute story and good animation.
  36. Furry Vengeance -I really did not like this movie about animal revenge.
  37. Nanny McPhee Returns -silly movie. good for kids though.
  38. Marmaduke -Awful.

Movies I missed but want to see

  1. Super
  2. Shutter Island
  3. The Experiment
  4. Easy A
  5. Going the Distance
  6. Happythankyoumoreplease
  7. The Virginity Hit
  8. She's Out of My League
  9. Kaboom
  10. Edge of Darkness
  11. Flipped
  12. The Freebie
  13. Hesher
  14. Tiny Furniture
  15. Father of Invention
  16. Seven Days
  17. Trust
  18. I'm Still Here
  19. Monsters
  20. Despicable Me
  21. Toy Story 3
  22. Knight and Day
  23. Sex and the City 2
  24. The Expendables


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