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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If you liked Memento, the movie in reverse, then you'll like the movie 11:14. Just like Momento, this is a movie essentially in reverse and from different perspectives which then overlap the previous time-line. At first you ask a lot of questions like "who threw that guy off the bridge?", "why did that girl walk in front of the van?", "Whose that guy with the gun?", "what's that bowling ball doing in a grave yard?", etc. All of your questions are eventually answered as we reverse time and see what happened from the point of view of different people. Henry Thomas is at the center of everything. You'll remember him Elliot from ET. He's hilarious. He had me ROTFL. Patrick Swayze is also a major actor in this. You cannot miss Hilary Swank. Ben Foster who played the troubled artist in HBOs Six Feet Under has a key roll. 11:14 pm is the time all of the events come together in the lives of these dozen people. That is one crazy night where the paths of so many people criss-cross to create such amazing beautiful chaos!


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