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Thursday, October 08, 2009


I went into this movie with high expectations. Usually when I do that, I'm let down but this time the movie met my expectations. I thought it was very funny and it actually made it seem fun to be the last humans on Earth battling the zombies.

I read that this was originally meant to be a TV show so there's enough material for maybe 15 sequels. Crazy. I would love to see at least one sequel and it doesn't have to be with the same people. The entire world is over-run with zombies so the sequel could be anywhere with anyone.

I love the guys rules for staying alive

  • Never be a hero
  • Always have an escape route
  • Always look in the back seat
  • Don't be afraid to use ammunition
  • Always double-tap to make sure they are really dead
This guy reminds me of Michael Cera and the girl reminds me of Lindsay Lohan.

They get a yellow hummer (one of my dream cars) and drive it to Hollywood where they get a map of the stars to locate the a certain celebs house. I won't spoil what happens next. It's one of the highlights of the movie. I'm itchin' to tell ya but I promised some people I'd keep my mouth shut and stop dropping spoilers in my reviews.

The zombies are stupid. They can't use weapons and they don't recognize when someone has a weapon which can easily kill them. They are simply mindless killing machines with rage ... and they're hungry for human flesh. Zombies do not bother each other unless it's in competition over who gets to kill and eat a living person. If you wear convincing zombie make-up, it will fool the zombies. Zombies focus on one thing at a time and wouldn't see the speeding car that's about to run them over while they're feasting on a recent kill. Zombies don't feel pain. If you blow off their feet, they'll keep running on the leg stubs. Zombies can't sprint but they can run and they seem to have great endurance. It's important that you have great endurance too. For this reason, the fatties are the first to go.

I would think that the zombies would all die off on their own once their food source disappeared. They spew tons of foul liquid from their mouths, you'd think that they would dehydrate very quickly.

For the living, traveling in packs seems like the best choice. When you're alone, you cannot watch your own back. You cannot cover yourself. While you're pumping gas, zombies have a way of sneaking up on you in your blind spot behind the car. If you had friends, there would be no blind spots which is why I find it strange that these various people that meet are reluctant to travel together and to trust each other. I would want at least two people standing guard while I slept.

Spoiler Start:

OK, I can't resist. There are some things that bothered me.

Zombies are attracted by lights and sound. So why would the main characters go to an amusement park and turn on all the lights, rides and music then go on a ride where they couldn't exit until the ride ended? You would think these people would have wised up by now but they go and do the stupidest thing you could possibly do ... attract attention to hundreds of zombies.

The celeb they meet wears zombie make-up so they can walk freely among the zombies and do stuff like play golf. You'd think the zombies could see past it if that zombie was acting like a living person and doing things like driving a car or playing golf. The last thing you want to do is play a joke on someone with a shotgun and sneak up behind them with zombie make-up to scare them. Not even celebs are that stupid.

Spoiler End.

People will make obvious comparisons to Shaun Of The Dead but for me, they're like apples and oranges. All you can say is that they are both funny zombie movies. They go off in completely different directions and have very different feels to them.

I'm a big fan of Woody Harrelson. He never disappoints me. I've enjoyed his performances in Cheers, White Man Can't Jump, Indecent Proposal, Natural Born Killers, Kingpin, Money Train, The People vs Larry Flint, Wag the Dog, The Thin Red Line, EdTV, Anger Management, A Scanner Darkly, No Country For Old Men, Semi-Pro and Seven Pounds. The only other actor I recognize is the celeb whose name I won't mention.

There is gore and violence and strong language but none of that bothered me. I was thoroughly entertained and I've added this movie to my list of all time favorite movies (which I'm working on posting here soon).


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