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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The superhero movie Kick-Ass is almost upon us. Can't wait for a movie about average people becoming superheroes? Then check out this hidden Indie treasure. Here's the NetFlix description: "Enrolling in a drug study to spice up his humdrum life as a low-paid meter reader, Les begins taking an experimental antidepressant, which proves to have a few unexpected side effects. Convinced that he's actually developing special powers that can be used to fight evil, Les decides to quit his day job and focus on being a superhero … despite his doctor's professional opinion that his abilities are all in his mind." user review "A seriously under-rated masterpiece" A user review on NetFlix says "It has the lovable character quality of Lars and the Real Girl and it cleverly integrates comic books and there influence without really becoming a superhero movie or a comic book movie." Ignore that it's 25% fresh on A review from that site says "It may not be perfect, but this under-the-radar indie from Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore is smart enough to leave you glad you found it." The thing I liked is the message that anyone can do amazing things if they simply believe they can.


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