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Sunday, April 22, 2007


My wife loves these B movies where animals attack people. This movie is perfect for her. I had not planned on watching it and in fact I had work to do but somehow I got caught up and watched the whole thing and it was hysterically bad.

This is a made for TV movie Lou Diamond Phillips. It doesn't seem that long ago where I saw him in the made for TV movie named "The Triangle". I hardly see the guy anymore but I have to give him props ... he's certainly been keeping busy! I like him in the TV show Numb3rs. Actually I like him in everything he's done starting with La Bamba which was awesome.

The plot was predictable. The actors lines were painfully predictable. It's like I was writing the movie with my brain waves ... I would think ahead of time of what they were about to say ... and they'd say it. The writer must have asked himself ... what is the most obvious and cliché thing I can have this character say at this moment?

The scene at the end where they are out-running the bats in the cave reminded me of scenes in movies where people out-run explosions. You would see them run by the camera then the bats would fly by moving at about 5 times their speed. At that rate, the bats would have caught them in a few seconds and yet the scene where they are running from the bats lasts about a minute.

I do have to admit that the CG bats were done fairly well ... most of the time.

I didn't realize this was supposed to be a comedy but at the end of the movie, after they seal the mine with all of the mutant bats, the boss-bat manages to somehow dig its way underground and pop its head out at the very end ... but then his head gets squashed by the car as our heroes are driving away oblivious to the fact that they just saved the world ... again. That really sealed the movie for stupidity. It was trying to be serious up until that point. It's like the movie shifted gears for the final scene. I felt like I was watching a scene from Gremlins 2 (which I saw for the first time recently as well!)


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