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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spider-Man 3 (viewing 2)

I saw Spider-Man 3 for the second time last night. My gym rented out an entire theater just for members and their friends and family. Kelly and I went. I was open seating so first-come first-served. By the time we got there, it was nearly full. Every seat had been sold but we managed to get two seats together near the front. Some other groups of people were not so lucky and had to be split apart … like the guy sitting next to me. I mentioned to him that this is how it is in the US. I've never seen a theater in the US with assigned seating.

I brought my voice-recorder with me and I wish I could have taken notes with it during the movie but that would be rude. I wish I had brought a pad and paper but it would have been hard to write in the darkness. I'm sure there is a pen-flashlight combination. As a result of not being able to take notes, I'm sure that I forgot half of the thoughts I had for this blog post.

It was a different movie the second time. I noticed a lot of things I missed the first time for example Peter's professor has only one arm. This is a clue! He will probably appear in Spider-Man 4 as the Lizard. The professor will create a serum based on Lizard DNA. Some Lizard's can re-grow their tail so his serum is designed to re-grow his arm but unfortunately turns him into a giant lizard.

Dylan Baker plays Dr. Curt Connors who will turn into the Lizard. He was also in Spider-Man 2 so his potential to become the Lizard has already been in two movies. It's time for the appearance of the Lizard!

I remembered Stan Lee's quote (the man in the square). He said "You know, I guess one person really can make a difference ... 'Nuff said!"

When you watch a movie many times, your eyes tend to look at different things each time for example when Mary Jane selecting a name on her mobile phone, instead of checking out what name she chooses, you're looking at what other names MJ has in her address book.

When they show MJ in a crowd, instead of looking at MJ, you're looking at people in the crowd.

When Parker is sitting at his desk you're checking out his room or the view out the window.

I spotted an error. When the Sandman was first spotted by police and hid in the truck of sand, the police officer is walking on the sand approach the area where the sand is collapsing and I noticed a wooden platform on the right. The truck was not full of sand but probably had a large wooden platform with maybe a foot of sand on top.

Aunt May says to Peter "Uncle Ben wouldn't want us living with revenge in our hearts, it's like a poison. It can take you over and turn us into something ugly." This is probably the main message of Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man, the New Goblin and Eddie Brock are all driven by revenge and turn into something ugly.

Parker tells Brock "If you want forgiveness, go find Religion." and he ends up at that Catholic Church.

There are so many clever links like this in the script that you can only notice with multiple viewings.

This audience reacted much differently than the first audience. When Jameson's secretary kept buzzing him reminding him to watch his blood pressure and take his pills, the audience was laughing hysterically. The first audience had much less of a reaction.

The second audience remained seated in the movies final minutes where the first audience started to leave and people pulled out their mobile phones to check their text messages. I did not see a single mobile phone pulled out.

Spider-Man 3 is a good movie for the deaf. There is plenty of action. Even though Kelly was tired from work, she did not fall asleep once! If there is too much talking in a movie, Kelly will usually fall asleep in a movie which is about half of the movies we see. I have to be careful which movies I invite her to.


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