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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kick-Ass 2: Movie versus Comic

The Hit-Girl comic came out after the Kick-Ass 2 comic but occurs in between the Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2 comic.  The movie Kick-Ass 2 is based on the Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass 2 series.  All three series happen back to back so the characters don’t age.  Hit-Girl is still 11 and Kick-Ass is still 14.  There is a Kick-Ass 3 comic and there might be a Kick-Ass 3 movie.

Comic Only

·         The super-villains go after Night-Bitch they walk into her neighborhood in both but in the comic they kill 4 little kids right away.  They proceed to kill anyone they see.  They break into Katie’s house but the comic is more violent.  The Mother Fucker has no trouble getting it up in the comic and he and another guy rape Katie.  Night-Bitch never returns to duty.

·         Super-villains want to bomb the city causing more death than 9-11.  In the movie they are only interested in killing Kick-Ass

·         Super-villains blow up all of the comic shops simultaneously

·         The big fight between heroes and villains happens New York city Times Square.  The villains rampage killing every innocent person in sight

·         The way the fight starts is a lot more juvenile in the comic but Kick-Ass does throw the first punch in both but only after Hit-Girl says “Would one of you pussies at least throw a punch?” in the comic only.

·         Hit-Girl is punched through a window and while Mother Russia is beating on Hit-Girl these two scared heroes, Battle-Guy and Ass-Kicker, come through the window looking for a place to hide and distract Mother Russia long enough so Hit-Girl can stab her in the external carotid artery with a broken piece of glass.

·         Hit-Girl decapitates Mother Russia in the comic while Battle-Guy and Ass-Kicker watch.  In the comic, the police arrive and start arresting everyone because they don’t know who is good and bad.  The Mother Fucker gets away and Kick-Ass chases him to the roof of the building in both.  The Mother Fucker does not change his costume even though he changes his name.  The Mother Fucker uses two paint-cans as weapons.  The Mother Fucker throws nails in Kick-Ass’ face so Kick-Ass strikes him with the pole with spikes in the face and The Mother Fucker falls about 3 stories into the alley.  He survives and Kick-Ass calls emergency to help him.  Cops show up and spot Kick-Ass on the roof and go after him.  Hit-Girl appears and throws some smoke bombs then steals a police car so Kick-Ass can get away.  Hit-girl is caught.

·         Hit-Girl #5 – Gangsters attack Hit-Girl’s house include Marcus and wife. Hit-Girl has drugged Marcus and mom then proceeds to kill the gangsters.  Hit-Girl talks to her dead father then goes on a killing spree killing bad-guys including men in prison on Death’s Row.

·         Hit-Girl tries to fit in but does it by scaring the most popular girl to include her in the clique.


·         In order to get Sophia to bit the gangsters crotch, the Colonel issues a command that sounds like “Shvots Vida!” but in the comic he just says “Sophia! Get in here, girl!”

·         The logo created for the Justice Forever Headquarters is different

·         When the super-villains show up at the headquarters, they kill Sophia in the comic but not in the movies.  They decapitate the colonel in both but you don’t see it in the movie.  In the comic they replace colonel’s head with the dog’s head.

·         Night Bitch ends in a coma after being raped and beaten

·         The huge shark tank also has lots of fish in the comic

·         At the funeral the super villains set off a bomb in the coffin in the comic but in the movie it’s some kind of missile launcher.

·         The funeral scene is for the Colonel in the movie but for the dad in the comic

·         Hit-Girl kills all 5 guys in back of the van shooting through the roof in the comic but only kills 2 or 3 in the movie

·         In the movie, the villains shoot most of the bullet holes through the roof of the van missing Hit-Girl.    In the comic Hit-Girl tells the driver she won’t kill him if he tells where they were taking Kick-Ass.  He tells and she kills him.  In the movie they take the driver to an isolated location to find out the location but we don’t see what they do to him but we hear Hit-Girl ask Kick-Ass to go find pliers so she can feed his dick to him.

·         The shark is dead in the comic and never kills anyone

·         In the comic, Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass drive to The Mother Fucker Secret Headquarters and fight 8 super-villains.  Kick-Ass has a club with spikes on it and Hit-Girl has a pole with a knife taped onto the end and a hammer.  She’s also got a machine gun.  They slaughter everyone and Kick-Ass throws the largest guy into the tank but the shark does not get him.  The Mother Fucker is not there and never falls into the shark tank.  Hit-Girl shoots the tank and they interrogate the big guy.    That’s when Hit-Girl says “Kick-Ass, fetch me a pair of pliers!  I’m going start with this cut’s finger-nails…” and the villain says “What?”

·         Hit-Girl #2 Red Mist walks into a convenience with two associates and shoots the clerk dead to get famous.  In the movie he is dressed as The Mother Fucker and shoots up the soft drinks.  In the movie, the store has a camera recording the incident but in the movie there is no camera and he’s alone.  In the comic, Chris’ uncle pulls some strings and keeps him out of jail but sends him away where Chris starts training to fight.


Same in Both

·         The line “wait until they get a load of ME.” comes from the first Kick-Ass comic series last page of the last book #8 except the Red Mist never changes his costume even though he does change his name to The Mother Fucker.

·         Kick-Ass and Dr. Gravity fight those two guys who want to get a viral video on YouTube is straight out of issue #1 write down the move where Kick-Ass swings left and right crossing his arms over to hit both guys at the same time

·         Kick-Ass 2 #2 meets Battle Guy and realizes it’s his friend

·         The large Goth guy bumps Dave in the school hallway and we first learn about the Super-Villain Army

·         They rescue the girls kept captive for porn and give them the $50,000 from the gangsters is in both comic and movie right down to Insect Man handing them the money.

·         The Colonel’s gun is always empty

·         The super-hero team works at the soup kitchen

·         The Colonel mentions that inebriated college girls should be able to get home safe at night.  In the comic that is the job of Moon-Bird

·         The third friend wants to be called Ass Kicker

·         Dave runs away from home when his dad finds out he’s Kick-Ass

·         A logo is created for the Justice Forever Headquarters

·         Mindy looks in the mirror and sees Hit-Girl

·         Mother Russia takes on the 10 cops is the same in both right down to the cops saying “we’re eight men down” and Mother Russia says “Call it ten”.

·         All people in masks are detained by the cops after the massacre

·         Kick-Ass calls Night-Bitch his girlfriend but we never see them “dating”.

·         The Mother Fucker Secret Headquarters has the a shark that doesn’t move in a huge tank

·         Dave’s dad gets murdered and Dave gets a picture of his dead dad on his mobile phone

·         The super-villains show up at the funeral

·         Mindy is thrown from explosion and Dave is taken in to the van and driven away

·         Mindy steals a gun from a cop and is on top of the van shooting through the roof

·         The van swerves but she grabs a bullet hole to hold on

·         Hit-Girl pulls the villain passenger out and he gets run over

·         Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl approach the gang of villains alone at first in both then the friends show up

·         Kick-Ass and The Mother Fucker fight it out and Hit-Girl and Mother Russia fight it out in both

·         Kick-Ass throws the first punch in the big gang fight to get things started

·         Mother Russia completely dominates Hit-Girl in both throwing her quite far in both with a single punch.  Hit-Girl kills Mother Russia in both with broken glass

·         Hit-Girl stabs Mother Russia in the external carotid artery causing her to freeze allowing Hit-Girl to stab her all over and kill her

·         Dressing like a rich pimp to get mugged is from Hit-Girl #2

·         Hit-Girl #4 Marcus races home to beat Hit-Girl to prove she’s being Hit-Girl again but she beats him back and gets under the covers when he arrives.

·         The Super Villains go into Night Bitch’s neighborhood and find her


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