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Monday, October 07, 2013

Accuracy of my 10 Predictions for Breaking Bad Final Episode

My 10 predictions were 60% right.

  1. Walt will rescue Jesse - Right!
  2. Walt will kill Todd, Uncle Jack and his crew using that big gun - 1/3 right. Jesse killed Todd. Walt killed Uncle Jack with a hand gun. The crew is killed by the big gun.
  3. Walt will recover the 5 barrels of money they took - Wrong!
  4. Walt will recover the remaining Methylamine and do something with it like create a huge bomb. He will not use it to create more Crystal Blue Persuasion - 1/2 right. Walt gets the remaining Mehtylamine but does nothing with it.
  5. Walt will do something genius to help set things right and undo some of the damage he has done to his family - Right! He convinces Elliot and Gretchen, his ex-partners who started the company Gray Matter, to give his son Flynn the $9,720,000 in the form of a Trust to use for his college education and the betterment of his family.
  6. I know that Walt retrieves the ricin from behind the wall socket in his house which is now abandoned.  He will obviously use it - Right!  He uses on Lydia.
  7. Walt will get some kind of revenge on Gray Matter, perhaps using the ricin - Wrong!
  8. Walt will find a way so Jesse and his family are set for life with money without making the DEA suspicious - Right!
  9. Walt will die.  I think he might sacrifice himself in a suicide bombing to take out Todd and the gang - 1/2 Right.  Walt dies from a ricochet bullet from this big gun.
  10. There will be two music montages with 60s classic - 2/3 Right.  There were 2 music montages. The song El Paso by Mary Robbins was released 1959. The song Baby Blue by Bad Finger was released 1972.

If you add it up, I was 60% right.


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