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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Baddest Moments of Breaking Bad Season 1

Emilio and Krazy 8 (episodes 1, 2, 3) - The two ex meth-lab partners of Jessie want to steal the formula but Walt knocks them out by coming the wrong chemicals causing an explosion.  Walt holds the RV door shut while they shoot through the door missing him.  Finally they are quiet.  Emilio dies and Walt has Jesse buy some things to dissolve his body.  Jesse doesn't follow directions and instead of buying a large plastic container, he dissolves his body in the bath tub.  The acid dissolves through the bath tub and floor and creates a big mess.  Meanwhile Krazy 8 is still alive and Walt finds him running down the road.  When he sees Walt, he tries to run away but runs into a tree and knocks himself out.  Walt takes him back to the basement and locks him to a pole around the neck with a bike lock.  Later Walt brings him some food on a plate but faints from the cancer and breaks the plate.  Later Walt re-assembles the broken pieces and realizes one is missing and that Krazy 8 has it.  Walt goes to unlock Krazy 8 but prepares to choke him if he attacks.  Krazy 8 attacks him with the glass and Walt chokes him to death with the bike lock.

Episode 6 - Walt visits Tuco to get his money for the meth and blows up his office with a tiny amount of fulminated mercury.  He threatens to kill everyone with a large back of the stuff.  Tuco pays him the money and he earns Tuco's respect.

Episode 7 - Walt and Jesse try to steal one gallon jugs of Methylamine.  They use thermite from Sketcher-roos to burn through the lock.  When they can't find them, they take an entire barrel.  They struggle to carry it when they could have just rolled it.

Episode 7 end and Season 2 episode 1 start - Tuco pays Walt for some blue meth on a junk-yard.  The vibe is positive until one of the gang members helping Tuco says "Just remember who you're workin' for"  Tuco beats him so severely he dies.  Tuco has Gonzo drag him under a car but the stack of cars shift and nearly fall.  He says "this is not the Christian way getting eaten by the buzzards".  Later (we don't see this part) Gonzo goes to recover the body but gets himself killed as the pile shifts and cuts off his arm.  The DEA later finds the two bodies.


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