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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Baddest Moments of Breaking Bad Season 2

Episode 1 - Tuco's gang member offends Tuco by telling Walt "Just remember who you're working for." Tuco doesn't like others speaking for him so he beats him without warning and accidentally kills him.

Episode 2 - Tuco kidnaps Walt and Jesse in Jesse's car. He takes them to this father's house in the middle of nowhere. Tuco wants to take them to Mexico and set up a lab. Walt and Jesse try to poison Tuco with ricin he created in episode 1 but his father warns him just in time. Tuco threatens to kill Jesse so Walt confesses. Jesse hits Tuco with a rock. They wrestle and Jesse gets his gun and shoots Tuco in the side. Walt and Jesse try to drive away but they think they see the cousins coming so they run and hide. It's actually Hank using the LoJack in Jesse's car to find the car. Tuco walks to Jesse's car.  Hank thinks Tuco is Jesse at first. They have a shoot-out and Hank kills Tuco. Walt sees Hank and runs away.  Hank is looking for Walt because he has disappeared.  Hank had put a GPS on Walt's car so he knew that he visited Jesse.  Hank could smell the meth from Jesse in the passenger seat.  Hank thought that Jesse has something to do with Walt's disappearance which is why he tracks down his car with LoJack.

Episode 7 - Hank gets promoted and transferred to work the border as a Special Agent.  Tortuga's head ends up on a turtle.  Hank gets sick and goes away to vomit while the other officers stand around and laugh ... until it blows up.  All DEO agents are killed or injured except for Hank.  One has his leg blown off.  Getting sick saved Hank's life.

Episode 9 - Walt and Jesse get stuck in the dessert when the RV doesn't start from a dead battery.  Jesse uses all their water to put out a fire.  Their mobile phone batteries go dead but it lasts long enough to get a call to Badger who attempt to find them but goes the wrong way. They try to charge the battery with a hand-crank but it doesn't work.  Walt realizes he can create his own battery to charge the battery and they finally start the TV after 2 days.

Episode 11 - Walt meets Gus for the first time at Los Pollos. Gus pretends not know what Walt is talking about.  Walt says he's been told this man he is to meet is a very careful man and that they have this in common.  Gus breaks his "nice manager" persona and suddenly becomes himself. His voice and body language instantly change and we realize Gus is a dangerous man.

Episode 12 - Walt visits Jesse while he is passed out from drugs with his girlfriend Jane. Walt tries to wake Jesse and Jane rolls onto her back then chokes on her vomit. Walt can save her but lets her die because he knows she's using Jesse for his money and she's taking up down the path of hard-core drugs. Walt needs Jesse but Jane is turning him against Walt.

Episode 13 - Janes father goes back to work as an air traffic controller while he is still grieving the death of his daughter Jane and purposely crashes two planes. The purple bear lands in Walt's pool.


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