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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Baddest Moments of Breaking Bad Season 3

Episode 7 - Tuco's two cousins try to kill Hank.  Hank gets a phone call warning that he has one minute. Hank spots them in his rear view mirror.  He spots one in his rear view mirror and ducks as his rear window is shot out. Hank throws the truck into reverse and smashes one cousin between two vehicles.  The other brother shoots through the side window and Hank is hit but slips out the side. The hitman follows the trail of blood and shoots an innocent man and tries to show a woman but he's out of bullets.  He pulls out the extra clip and the hallow point bullet he got from the arms dealer, falls to the ground. Hanks jumps out and empties his gun into the hitman's chest but he is wearing a bullet proof vest.  The hitman then shoots Hank and Hank falls to the ground. The hitman is about to shoot Hank but it's too easy. He goes back to his car for the axe. Hank picks up the hollow point bullet and puts it in his gun and shoots the hitman in the head right before he swings the axe. The axe blade wedges into the pavement.

Episode 12 - Jesse tries to take revenge for the gang killing Tomas.  Tomas is the kid brother of his girlfriend Andrea. The gang had Tomas kill drug-dealer Combo (Jesse's friend) for selling in his territory. It was his initiation. Jesse realizes that the gang is making kids puppets to do their bidding. As Jesse approaches the two gang members they get out of the car. As Jesse draws his gun they both draw their guns. At that instant, Walt crashes into the two drug dealers with his car.  Walt gets out of the car and grabs the dealer's gun and shoots him with it.  Jesse can't believe what he's seen.  Walt looks up at Jesse and says "Run."

Episode 13 - Jesse kills Gale so Mike does not kill Walt since Gus will still need Walt because Gale can no longer take his place.


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