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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Baddest Moments of Breaking Bad Season 4

Episode 4 - Hank reads in Gale's notebook "To W. W. MY STAR, MY PERFECT SILENCE".  He asks Walt who W. W. can be?  Woodrow Wilson?  Willy Wonka?  Walter White?  Walt laughs and puts up his hands "You got me!"

Episode 10 - Jesse, Mike and Gust meet with the cartel (Don Eladio) in Mexico to poison them with Zifro Anejo.  Gus, Don and associates drink it.  The effect takes 15 minutes to notice.  Gus goes to the bathroom and vomits while the cartel start passing out.  Don't security guard moves toward Don to help him but Mike puts a wire around his neck and chokes him to death.  Don sees that Gus is not struggling and lunges at him with his last bit of energy and falls into the pool and drowns.  Jesse had no idea this would happen.  He thought they were passing him off to the cartel to cook meth but Mike assured him that either they all go home or none of them go home.  Gus grabs and gun and advises Jesse to do the same. Gus yells toward the house that everyone is dead and to grab what ever they can and leave ... or fight and die.  Servants and girls run from the house carrying money and valuables. Gus begins to stumble from some of the poison in his system and Mike and Jesse help him to the front where Jesse searches to find a car with keys.  Mike and Jesse are putting Gus into the back seat when a shot rings out and Mike is hit.  Jesse immediately starts firing back and gets the shooter then helps Mike in the car and drives away.

Episode 12 - Walt is sitting in the back yard spinning his gun on the glass table. Twice it stops pointing at him and the third time it stop pointing at the plant Lily of the Valley which he will use to poison Brock in order to turn Jesse against Gus because Gus is trying to turn Jesse against Walt.  Jesse visits Saul and Huell switches his pack of cigarettes with the ricin with an identical pack without the ricin. Walt wants Jesse to think that Gus had Tyrus switch the packs in the lab so Tyrus could poison brock. It's quite genius.  Andrea calls Jesse and tells him that Brock is sick and Jesse realizes the symptoms are identical to the symptoms caused by ricin. Jesse checks his pack and sees the ricin is missing. He tells Andrea to let the doctors know it is ricin then he threatens Walt with death but Walt convinces his that Gus did it.

Season 4 Episode 13 - Gus goes to kill Tio for talking to the DEA but what he doesn't know is that Tio told them nothing. Tio visited the DEA to bait Gus so he could kill him with the suicide pipe bomb that Walt strapped under his wheel chair and wired to his bell. Gus likes to torture Tio whenever he can for example stopping by to say that he killed his cousins and nephew leaving Don's necklace as proof.  Tio hates Walt but he hates Gus even more. Gus is angry with Tio because Tio killed is close friend and meth cook. Gus and Tyrus visit Tio to inject him with poison but Tio sets off the bomb killing all of them.  Walt rescues Jesse from the lab and they burn the lab.


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